The past few months have left us all with our heads spinning.

As trade show and event planners, our professional worlds have literally come to a standstill. Despite the uncertainty, our industry has rallied around change and evolution.

As we move closer to an understanding of what the future holds, the lessons learned thus far will make us and our industry stronger, better at what we do, and how we do it.

Steelhead has complied 4 resources to assist you with the journey back toward an exciting ‘new’ normal.

Bridge Back

Has Your Event Been Cancelled Or Rescheduled?

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We’ve all heard the saying, "knowledge is power." We believe this statement is extremely true, especially now! It’s no secret that the face-to-face marketing industry has been stopped in its tracks.

Though difficult, we believe that every challenge is embedded with an opportunity. The time is right for marketers to use their resources in innovative ways and reimagine their program strategies.

To help with this evolution, we’ve sought the advice of our Account Management Team ... the team who is in the saddle with our customers day in and day out and who have now had to shift on a dime.

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Are You Prepared to Keep Your Brand Connected Virtually?

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Of course there are still many questions as to what lies ahead. But, one thing remains clear for brand marketers; you must stay visible to your customers and prospects.


The most progressive marketers recognize digital solutions as an effective bridge to reaching their audiences.

With a digital strategy in place, you can better connect with your leads and customers. And that's where we can help.

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How Are You Keeping Your Attendees Safe at Your Next Event?

When we consider why we all revere face-to-face marketing in the first place, we begin to develop ideas on how to come out of this as more thoughtful and effective marketers than ever before.

Exhibit Safely

Trade shows, for example, are so powerful primarily due to the human-to-human factor. While none of us can control total show attendance, we can leverage thoughtful exhibit design to influence how many attendees feel safe to approach, enter, and experience what our brands have to offer.

Those that use the power of human-centered design will guarantee high levels of visitation.

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Are Your Partners Aiding in your Highest Level of Trade Show Success?

Supplier Assesment-1

While executing a typical event calendar, the timing of a vendor review, and certainly a vendor switch, makes it difficult to plan. With things on pause, what better time to inspect and review your network of suppliers and ask some key questions.One opportunity that has been presented as a result of the pandemic is the chance to pause, contemplate, and ask questions.

We all know this time is anything but typical, so why not seize the moment to see what else is out there? Perhaps your marketing team has been downsized, who offers the most help and support?

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