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Courses Offered

Course Length: 1 Month

SU 101: Event Planning & Logistics

Learn or get a refresher on the basics of trade show event planning and logistics. 

Topics include:

  • How to send the right follow-up email
  • Blunders you need to avoid with your next exhibit
  • Conversation starters to break the ice on the show floor
  • How to make a good first impression

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Course Length: 1 Month

SU 201: Event Marketing & ROI

Learn the latest best practices for creating impactful trade show campaigns and boosting trade show ROI.

Topics include:

  • How to create an irresistible trade show campaign
  • Influencing human interaction and ROI with your trade show floor plan
  • Finding the right fit of an exhibit house
  • Owning trade show assets versus the flexibility model 

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